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    When you want to complain because daycare costs are so high, take a breath.Somewhere there’s a mom who’d pay anything to bring back that debt. When you want to stay at work for just 15 extra minutes, wrap it up in three.Somewhere there’s a dad who’d go back in time to come home early. Sleepless nights, irrational fights, noise that’s white, dim or bright night lights, remember it will pass.Push through it with a smile, because somewhere there’s a mom who’d want it all back. Try to pick your battles wisely – especially when the power struggle is strong. It’s ok to get upset, but don’t stay that way for…

  • Phoenix Santos
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    Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

    We found out we were going to become ‘Santos, party of four’ on Desmond’s 2nd birthday. It was 3 months after buying a basal thermometer, two months after starting to track ovulation, and just one week after going to see my OB for a conception consultation because I was wondering why things weren’t happening for us. I was given some advice and excited to go home and ‘try’ some new methods. Lucky for us, I didn’t have the chance.

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    The Hunt… Take 2

    It was just over 3 years ago I found myself without a job. It was hard to accept at first, but I quickly changed my perspective and set forth to conquer. This time around, I started out feeling optimistic and that always feels better. You can read about my first ‘hunt’ here. I have more experience and a better understanding of what moves me, but interestingly, not much has changed. I am still looking for daily excitement, goals and results to drive success and accomplishment; new teammates, leaders, and culture. I am still hoping for new knowledge, growth and advancement. I am still looking for a professional home – not just…

  • Matron of Honor Speech

    Four One One Two Thousand Fifteen

    This poem was my Matron of Honor Speech for my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. They got married in the most beautiful venue in Boca Grande, Florida on April 11, 2015. I struggled with the thought of writing a traditional speechSo you got a poem instead, it’s titled 4/11/2015. Being the Matron of honor is an honor to me,to help my little sister in her best time of need.It started with potty training, followed by teaching her to read.I pushed her around before pushing her to succeed.I gave my opinion whether she asked for it or not,In our 29 years together we’ve been through alot.I did the wrong things and she…

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    Is Breast Best?

    At our first prenatal appointment, our Nurse Practitioner (Rose) told us breastfeeding was the hardest thing that new moms experience. I was already planning on doing it because of the documented benefits and for the bonding experience, but hearing her say that made me want to do it even more. She recommended only one book to get us through our entire pregnancy, The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins. Of course, I got the book – only it wasn’t until we were already home with Desmond and I realized just how right Rose was. The Nurses and Lactation Consultants at Newton-Wellesley Hospital were incredible. After struggling to get Desi to latch, I found great…

  • Desmond Santos, 6 Days Old

    Desmond’s Story

    We have a journal that we started when we found out we were going to have a baby last October and although we had great intentions, we didn’t write in it as often as we wanted to. I wanted to document my pregnancy, the baby’s arrival, and of course the much awaited milestones, and sadly, they haven’t made it into the journal. Here we are on the first of September, our baby has arrived is 2 months old. Better late than never to start documenting our experiences here  I was due on Monday June 30, 2014 and I had intended to work straight through to the 27th, the Friday before.…

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    Memorial Charms

    I’ve read a few blogs and heard stories of couples who’ve found ways to commemorate loved ones who have passed and cannot attend the wedding. I liked the idea but decided to take it to another level. Rather than have a simple table with frames and a candle at the reception (which is a beautiful sentiment), I am going to hang mini picture frames to my bouquet with photos of those who passed and were closest to me and to Dave. When the Ceremony is over, the charms will transfer onto a tree (our version of a ‘Tree of Life’) at the Reception. In this way it will feel like…

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    The Chuppah

    Neither Dave nor I are super religious, but we are happy with how we were raised and wish to incorporate tradition and meaningful elements into our wedding ceremony. One item I recently decided to pursue is “The Chuppah”. Based on the ehow description, the Chuppah is made of a rectangular [or square] piece of fabric, large enough to stretch over the couple. It can be made of any kind of cloth. It can be handmade or bought ready made. It can be decorated as desired by the couple and is often embroidered with Biblical verses concerning  love and marriage, or with blessings and prayers taken from the wedding  ceremony. The Chuppah symbolizes the home…

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    I call it “The Hunt”

    By any other name you can call it a search, a mission, or a job in itself. I am simply calling it “The Hunt”. The skillful tracking and acquisition of an elusive target – in most cases this would be a living thing. For me, a new job isn’t just a new source of livelihood. It is my daily excitement, goals and results to drive success and accomplishment; new teammates, leaders, and culture. It is new knowledge, growth and advancement. My work is never just a job. I recognize that at least 75% of my productive waking hours are spent at work and it is a requirement for me to love my…

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    Who knew…

    Who knew it could be so good?Who knew it would be how it should?Who knew I’d ever be found?Who knew I’d ever hear the sound? I wrote you down in temporary pencil, followed by a pen.I dreamt of you and hoped for you, my lover and my friend.I’ve got books from my heart, about my wants and my needs,Not written by someone else, but from what my soul bleeds.I’ve been up and down and all around,But now finally I feel free and found. I’ve been happy believing love would come my way.I’ve been grateful for my life and all that comes each day.But to hear it and feel it is…