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I’ve read a few blogs and heard stories of couples who’ve found ways to commemorate loved ones who have passed and cannot attend the wedding. I liked the idea but decided to take it to another level.

Rather than have a simple table with frames and a candle at the reception (which is a beautiful sentiment), I am going to hang mini picture frames to my bouquet with photos of those who passed and were closest to me and to Dave. When the Ceremony is over, the charms will transfer onto a tree (our version of a ‘Tree of Life’) at the Reception. In this way it will feel like those who can’t be there in person will enjoy the entire wedding in spirit.

I found the most amazing charms on ETSY. Smiling Blue Dog delivered the most perfect little frames to me and I can’t wait to begin collecting photos to make them complete.

Bouquet Charms by Smiling Blue Dog on ETSY

The tree for the reception – well I was searching for that since I got this idea almost a year ago.  Walking down Newbury Street one night, I found it. The only problem was it belonged to Guess and was on display in their window. I dragged Dave in the store and proceeded to find the manager. I asked him what happens to the display trees once the window is undressed. He wasn’t sure but he listened as I explained my desire to obtain one of those awesome trees. He took my phone number down and Dave was sure I wouldn’t hear from him. So we continued looking for the perfect tree.

Side note – I am looking for a job and am answering all phone calls, especially calls from unknown numbers. So when my phone rang last night at the dinner table, I gave Dave the ‘I’m sorry, I have to take this, it might be work-related’ look and answered it. It was Richard from Guess on Newbury Street. He got permission to give me one of the trees and wanted to know which size I wanted… Small, Medium, or Large. I said Medium and thanked him profusely. I am going to get it right now!

This is one piece of the wedding that I am really looking forward to.

More to come 🙂

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