Matron of Honor Speech

Four One One Two Thousand Fifteen

This poem was my Matron of Honor Speech for my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. They got married in the most beautiful venue in Boca Grande, Florida on April 11, 2015.

I struggled with the thought of writing a traditional speech
So you got a poem instead, it’s titled 4/11/2015.

Being the Matron of honor is an honor to me,
to help my little sister in her best time of need.
It started with potty training, followed by teaching her to read.
I pushed her around before pushing her to succeed.
I gave my opinion whether she asked for it or not,
In our 29 years together we’ve been through alot.
I did the wrong things and she did them right…
Except for that party she hosted one night.

I took to being the big sister with ease.
You can ask her about the coffee creamer, the egg, or the freckle on her belly.
She hasn’t always followed the guidance I was giving,
but I’m proud of her for that because it’s her life she’s been living.

I was four when she arrived and I remember the day.
It might even be my earliest memory to date.
It’s the 4th month of the year and we’re four years apart,
It’s true I don’t know a day in my life without her in my heart.

When we got older, I rescued her in Boston and I remember telling her about the ‘chase’.
That thing women do by making men wait-
If you ask Jonathan about the moment he knew she was it
He said her denying him dates was truly the pits.
(Maybe not in those exact words, but the statement is true).
At that time these ones came together as two.
Our family fondly recalls the Facebook status change too,
It was an event where we were all crowded around,
and who knew 2 years later we would be here now?
These two have become ones
and today it became official on the 11th of the month.

This day and time starts the next step in a beautiful life.
A new beginning for a husband and wife.
A new family for Janell, finally a brother for me.
And someday in the near future someone to call me Auntie.
Ok, ok all joking aside, I am so excited for all that is to come,
I’m proud and happy that you both found your other one.

2015 is a year filled with love
Not just between you, but for what you are sharing with all of us.
Please join me with your glass held high,
Let’s toast to the newlyweds for the 2nd time.

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