I call it “The Hunt”

By any other name you can call it a search, a mission, or a job in itself. I am simply calling it “The Hunt”. The skillful tracking and acquisition of an elusive target – in most cases this would be a living thing. For me, a new job isn’t just a new source of livelihood. It is my daily excitement, goals and results to drive success and accomplishment; new teammates, leaders, and culture. It is new knowledge, growth and advancement. My work is never just a job. I recognize that at least 75% of my productive waking hours are spent at work and it is a requirement for me to love my work in order to be happy in life. In a job I am completely dedicated to the mission and to get things done. This is truly how I feel and if you talk to any of my co-workers (peers or supervisors) I am confident they will confirm this.

I love my current job and truthfully, I wouldn’t have chosen to leave if things were different. As things in life grow and change – a recent restructuring with my current employer has caused my position to be eliminated. Many people facing elimination might feel sad, angry, unmotivated, or scared. Lucky for me, I am a forever optimist and I actually feel refreshed, excited, and ready for what is to come. I am loving the research of different companies and postions, the anticipation of emails and callbacks, the opportunity to interview and be interviewed, meeting new people, and learning about the different industries in and around Boston.

When I first found out I was facing unemployment, a very wise friend suggested I look at this situation from an interesting perspective. He said, “Don’t see this as something that’s happening to you, but rather, something that’s happening for you.” This has been my viewpoint and comforts me when I start to get nervous.

I have been strategic about “The Hunt” since day one. The first thing I did was start a Google Doc containing three sheets.

Cool Sites: This is a list of job boards and recruitment companies that cater to creative and marketing jobs where I would ideally like to be.

Cool Companies: The more time I spend on Linked In, the longer this list gets. I document the Company, Location, specific job post I am interested in, and the status or steps remaining in my application process. I am documenting the Hiring Manager where I have it – or my contacts who have access to the Hiring Manager. I have decided to focus on 10 jobs at a time, as it becomes tricky to learn about multiple companies at the same time. Those 10 companies move to the top of the list.

Resources: These are links to information, articles, videos – content that I’ve curated to remind me what I am looking for, what I need to do, or how I can be better and more diligent in my searching.

In addition to the constantly growing Google Doc, I updated my resume, created a website to house my experience and portfolio pieces, and updated My Linked In Profile. I also have access to a wonderful career coach through Transition Solutions, am networking online and via events around town, and seeking informational interviews with various people in aspiring positions.

I am very fortunate to my current employer and co-workers who are showing so much support and encouragement. I am looking forward to the next set of challenges and the chance to impress a new set of colleagues. I am not just searching for work, I am on the hunt for a job I will love today and for years to come.

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