Lead The Way

I’m not sorry to want to be ahead,
Nor that I prefer to break bread,
than to break beds instead.
I’m high, focused on life.
I’m living my dreams; cutting cake with a knife.
Like a domesticated wife.
Working hard round the clock,
Knowing what time it is with every tick tock.
I strive to be on time.
Taking big plans and making them mine.
Dreaming of sands, planning legal crime,
and others understand because these dreams
need built up teams,
with leaders who teach that not all’s what it seems.
But believe in what you do
and you’ll always be true.
Your #1 loyalty must be to you.
Put plans at the top of the game,
and vow to walk with a clean name,
and what you predicted will confirm an outcome just the same.
The desired result of all the hard work
Will prove to you that you should love your worth.
Do what you like and love what you do,
create your life so others follow you.

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