When you want to complain because daycare costs are so high, take a breath.
Somewhere there’s a mom who’d pay anything to bring back that debt.
When you want to stay at work for just 15 extra minutes, wrap it up in three.
Somewhere there’s a dad who’d go back in time to come home early.
Sleepless nights, irrational fights, noise that’s white, dim or bright night lights, remember it will pass.
Push through it with a smile, because there’s a mom who’d want it all back.
Try to pick your battles wisely – especially when the power struggle is strong.
It’s ok to get upset, but don’t stay that way for long. Somewhere there’s a mom who’d let a little slide,
to together get to the fight’s other side.
When you can choose between looking at your phone or being present in the moment, take a pic and drop the device.
Somewhere there’s a mom whose phone photos will be all that can suffice.
When you start to say no to one more hug, one more song, one more snuggle, one more kiss-
Remember there’s a dad who will always wish for those things he shouldn’t have to miss.
When you’re frustrated and sad trying to get siblings to play nice, be thankful instead.
Somewhere there’s a brother whose sister’s memory is now a blessing in his heart and head.
When you’re upset with yourself for yelling too loud or too much, next time try to be kind.
Somewhere there’s a mom who can only replay the past in her mind.
This is an ode of advice from me, to me.
Because losing a child is an impossible, unbearable, an unfathomable place to be.
I make these mistakes, as I’m sure many do.
So this is a perspective that may also serve you.

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