• Phoenix Santos
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    Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

    We found out we were going to become ‘Santos, party of four’ on Desmond’s 2nd birthday. It was 3 months after buying a basal thermometer, two months after starting to track ovulation, and just one week after going to see my OB for a conception consultation because I was wondering why things weren’t happening for us. I was given some advice and excited to go home and ‘try’ some new methods. Lucky for us, I didn’t have the chance.

  • Desmond Santos, 6 Days Old

    Desmond’s Story

    We have a journal that we started when we found out we were going to have a baby last October and although we had great intentions, we didn’t write in it as often as we wanted to. I wanted to document my pregnancy, the baby’s arrival, and of course the much awaited milestones, and sadly, they haven’t made it into the journal. Here we are on the first of September, our baby has arrived is 2 months old. Better late than never to start documenting our experiences here  I was due on Monday June 30, 2014 and I had intended to work straight through to the 27th, the Friday before.…