About Me

Rochelle Santos

Rochelle Santos

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a homeowner, and a Media and Communications Manager.

I love everything about life, learning, and opportunities to become a better version of myself. I take pride in my work and relationships. I am loving every stage of motherhood, music, trying new things, going places, volunteering, and especially eating all kinds of food.

Meet My Family

I am passionate about many things, but Motherhood takes the cake. Since most of my stories, experiences, and missions are focused on my children and my husband (my co-pilot and my best friend), I thought it would be nice to introduce them below.

Desmond holding legos

Desmond, 8 years old

Current Passions: Art, drawing, Sushi, building, music (High School Musical and Teen Beach), running, and baseball

Previous Passions: Beyblades, volcanoes, the color green, Pokémon, the color orange, and swimming

Phoenix sitting on the bench at little league baseball

Phoenix, 5 years old

Current Passions: Drawing, learning to read, stuffed animals, Kinder Eggs, playdates, and copying his big brother

Previous Passions: Listening to Disney songs - but especially the multilanguage versions, anything related to Frozen or The Lion King, Bob Marley, and coloring,

Dave Santos

Dave, kid at heart

Current Passions: Our crazy boys, UX Design, Lighting Design, Crypto / stocks, podcasts, beer, golf, gaming, and me 😉